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FinOps: Saving 7k EUR/month by 5 minutes action

30 January 2022 |Azure|

When I am teaching about the cloud and especially when I am showing cost optimization, I am presenting an example of Troy Hunt Have I Been Pwned cost saving case. Troy by using Cloudflare as a caching solution and moving traffic outside of Azure, managed to reduce the cost of infrastructure below 1 USD per month. At the end of 2018, when he was describing this case, his page was supporting  141M monthly queries of 517M records. This is a [...]

Ask Me Anything with Scott Hanselman

19 December 2021 |Azure|

This time I am sharing a video that has been recorded with Scott Hanselman. Together with Piotr Rogala we conducted an ask me anything session with Scott. I believe that there is no need to introduce Scott to anybody. Just grab a coffee and a nice watching.


11.06.2022 – Scottish Summit 2022

21.06.2022 – Data Science Summit

9.11.2022 – Expert Summit


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