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How to run Azure Cognitive Services in containers?

9 August 2021 |Azure|

Azure Cognitive Services is one of prebuild products that allows us to add AI to our application very quickly. You can develop AI features without the required help of a data scientist. In most cases, you are using the cloud version of this service. When just after creating a service, you can connect to is by library or API. When to use containers? In some cases, this is not enough. You would like better control your data, smaller latency, higher [...]

FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension version 1.10

3 August 2021 |Extras / Tools, Projects, Testing|

I just managed to publish a new version of the package FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension. This package allows you to write unit tests for Fluent Validators in a more effective way. The major change introduced in the latest version is support for FluentValidation 10. More information about the project is available on GitHub.

Microsoft MVP 2021-2022

13 July 2021 |.net|

It is the 4th time that I have been awarded by Microsoft MVP title. This year also in two categories AI and Azure. This year is very important for me due to COVID time and total revolution in community organization. I especially miss face-to-face meetings and workshops. I hope that soon we will back to the situation from before COVID.



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