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Azure cloud cost optimisation: Autoscaling Azure SQL database by Logic Apps

3 February 2021 |Azure|

Azure cloud gives you a lot of possibilities of adjusting used services to your needs. It means that you are able to adjust the costs of used resources. In the cloud, you are able to use a lot of auto-tuning options that are working right out of the box. Together with that, there are plenty of possibilities to do in the way that you will have the whole control over the process. Today I will focus on Azure SQL database. [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Low Code Platforms for Enterprises

22 December 2020 |Low-code|

2020 outline The year 2020 brings many challenges to enterprises and their IT divisions. Every needed to adjust to pandemic reality. In many countries, lock-down has been introduced, and it changed our economic. Many organisations required to adapt quickly to survive. In the scope of the IT division, it generated the enormous portion of the demand from business and additional workload. It was hard to support that demand. Every new request increased backlog. Not only it was hard to support [...]

Moq.EntityFrameworkCore version

30 November 2020 |Extras / Tools, Projects, Testing|

I just managed to publish a new version of package Moq.EntityFrameworkCore. This package allows you to write unit tests in the project that are using EntityFrameworkCore package in a more effective way. With version  following changes have been introduced: support for EntityFrameworkCore v5.0 extension of mock strategy to support sequential mocks More information about the project is available on GitHub.



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