Last week was a conference MTS 2010. This was my second trip to the MTS and to be honest I’m slightly disappointed it. If I compare it to the last year it falls on far worse. First of all, I am a little sorry for the organizers. It seems to me, that the ICJ has lost some its character. A year ago I had the feeling, that I came to one big family, if you can call it that. There was a time for everything. You could see a lot of interest. Especially if you saw rooms full of people sitting on stairs. This year was different. There was much less time – at least in my opinion. Between the sessions ran from room to room in fear that, not to shut the door in his face

No, this year after the start of the lecture could not have to enter the hall. While in normal circumstances this is understandable, after all you should not interfere with the teacher and students. With so much in a situation, the general sessions lasted more than 15 minutes is a behavior that seemed strange. People from the Congress Hall had a problem with getting in time for rooms located on the other end of the Palace of Culture. I finally have been admitted.

The second thing, I was very upset that was the situation on revoked lectures. The information has been presented about it on 3 minutes before entering the room. You basically just letting people informed, that so they asked. Of course, once appeared on the information, you can choose a different lecture, but here there were two problems. First, there were only 2 minutes to the start. The problem I have managed to overcome quite well because as interesting session was in the room next to. But here came the second problem – brak zapisu na sesję. I counted on it, that if the organizers did not inform the participants of the lecture canceled, mail and did not give the possibility to rewrite to a different. This at least unlock the entry into other lectures, and here letting you said firmly – NO. It seems to me, that the organizers of the problems with the speakers need to know earlier than the date of the lecture.

It seems to me, that such things should not happen at the conference, for which each of us have to pay. I haven’t said yet, that this year’s conference was much more expensive than last year. I am worried about the fact, which I read on one of the blogs – I will not be available to the recording of Session. Last year, I noted many, then it turned out, that everything has been made available. This year I changed my strategy and above all listened counting, I’ll find time to look at the materials available after the conference. A tu sank.

In conclusion, the negative things I can only add, in that year that I could not decide, choose which session and wished, I could be in several places at once. This year, I had no such problems.

But this year is not only the bad things. If someone asks me whether I will MTS2011. It will answer, that I will be there. Because MTS is a place where not only goes through the acquisition of knowledge, but also, to meet friends from college, industry, or avid hobbyists. To justify the fact that Microsoft can add, that overall, Microsoft is not what he had too much to show for this year. And here I ran out of news. In that year were new to Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, Azure. And this year, IE 9.0. I, that if these products were available throughout the year is the presentation will cover some interesting, unusual things, and is rather related to everyday life.

But even there were lectures for which it was worth it to appear on the MTS2010. On my list there are three lectures, I have particularly enjoyed.

Two of them were conducted by Cezary Nalewajk and dealt with TPL (TPL or parallel programming in C # – basic issues and TPL or parallel programming in C # – Advanced Topics). The presenter really put up much of this presentation. There was a lot of code, examples and discussion. About practically been exhausted. If I could once again find themselves in this presentation is for sure I would have appeared.

The third lecture, which I enjoyed a lecture by Chris Granger’a – VS 2010 IDE Tips and Tricks. Despite the, they a U.S. 2010 I work every day I learned some interesting things here, that can be done in VS. After returning home, worried, me a little, that some of them are available only in the highest version.

Also includes two lectures, after which I regretted the time lost. All in all I do not know, which one I liked even less. But I think it was a lecture by Bartosz Pampuch – Visual Studio 2010 – Deep Dive. The same theme, co Bartosz, Chris presented the 15 minutes for the above-mentioned lecture. The second, unfortunately, was a lecture by Chris – Lap around new things in .NET Framework 4.0. After the first lecture I enjoyed, that signed up for this, but, unfortunately, quickly came disappointment. If someone says at the beginning, it will be fast, because this is the last lecture that something is wrong – because each of us paid for it and would like to maximize the time the speakers. I was fast and not interesting.

Other lectures were at good level.

And now in conclusion – I’d rate this year at MTS 3+. But despite a slight disappointment as I wrote earlier I will try to appear on the next edition, if it comes into effect.