Would seem, that such an act as to define a static IP address on the basis of number of MAC in the XXI century should not cause any problems. Until recently, I thought, that the market will not find router, that does not have such functionality, and here recently I had to do such a thing in LiveBox. Going through the standard menu, I have not found any function, which would allow it. As is usual in this type of problems I reached for Google. And yes there were many solutions, but most of them were based on the telnet interface. Such a solution was not acceptable because ultimately such changes should be done by a normal user router, who had set up. Playing to the router through telnet was carrying a high risk, that something is accidentally broken.That is why I wanted, that these changes were made from the user. As it turns out the TP blocks access to a large part of the functionality LiveBox. After a while I found a way, to get to hidden menu. To do this, enter the configuration page in the address bar LiveBox paste the following code:

javascript:mimic_button('navigator: 730..', 0)

And then press Enter. After something like this will show the menu, which has all the features and will not be any problem, LiveBox to configure the more advanced stuff.