14 February 2011 launched a project called codingtv();. It is video-blog, the authors – Luke Gasior and Andrew Smith – demonstrate theirs vision of creating the application. The goal is a – authors want to create an application in the form of a simple blog. However, readers can observe the process to date. A novelty in this case is a form of, in which the authors present the progress of their work – video. No, authors abandoned the traditional approach in the form of posts written, and summarize the entries in the form of films. At each such entry is a list of links to applications used in the episode, and most importantly comments.It is these comments lend charm to this project. Under each entry there is a considerable number of them. Moreover, the authors comment on the blog actively generated in both entries in the comments, and at the beginning of the movie. In addition, interesting ideas / comments are taken into account and put into effect in the project. And this is the coolest, every reader can have a real impact on the further development of applications.

Below is the first episode codingtv();, and invite the rest of the project site.

In conclusion I wanted to recommend to each portal codingtv();. This portal is especially useful for this, which are just beginning their adventure with coding in C #. With the entries posted on a blog, they will be able to learn how to implement the projects, written tests, planning database and may be the most important tools that are, that help us to work on the project.