Finally I have found some spare time, to see how Polish version of Windows Phone Marketplace. Previously, I used the English version, but it did not liked it at all. The Polish version is exactly the opposite. It is. Anyway, please please look at it by yourself:

Windows Phone Marketplace - Widok ogólny
It, which I liked the most is the ability to view applications. Earlier, to do that you had to have the client installed – Zune or run on your phone or emulator application for viewing Windows Phone Marketplace. Now you can use for this simple browser:

Windows Phone Marketplace - Widok aplikacji

The only thing, which seems to me not fully thought is choice of names appearing on the images on the page. For me there are strange::

  • Jacek Jelitto,
  • Grzegorz Grunwald,
  • Anna Misiec,
  • etc.


Windows Phone 7 - Telefon

It would be better, if other Polish would be used.

Link: Windows Phone Marketplace