All signs point, that Microsoft is getting closer to releasing the latest update for platform Windows Phone. From today there is available for download a new version of SDK which should be used for developing applications on the platform Windows Phone 7. As for the changes, this final version does not differ significantly from what was presented in the version CPT. In total, compared to the previous official version there are also only, cosmetic changes, that allow you to create and test applications for phones with less memory.

Most important changes are:

  • ability to create and test applications for the devices with 256 MB memory – In the Visual Studio there is an additional item added to the list, where user can select target running environment for application,
  • enable application development for Windows Phone 7 on computers with operating system Windows 8.

Other changes are more cosmetic:

  • increased version of the image in the emulator that is used for normal device (with 512 MB of memory) to version 8773,
  • adding to the IntelliSense word that defines, that the application requires for properly work additional memory,
  • adding support for new languages ​​are introduced on the phone,
  • adding a new version of Microsoft Advertising SDK.

One plus that is worth mentioning, is that the patch can be installed directly on the version CPT.

Update can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft – Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update.