Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone. Those of you, who expected revolutionary information, may feel slightly disappointed. Microsoft has confirmed only all information that has been already published on the Internet as rumours.

The key message was presented at the end of conference – Windows Phone 7 devices will not receive a full update to Windows Phone 8. There will be only update to something what is called Windows Phone 7.8. This version should look and behave like Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately this will not be full version of Windows Phone 8.

I also wonder how that information will affect the sale of mobile phones with Windows Phone 7. I think many of potential customers will wait for release of smartphones with Windows Phone 8. So sale of Windows Phone 7 can decrease right now.

Let’s go back to Windows Phone 8. The most important new features are:

  • new kernel – the same as in Windows 8,
  • new tiles screen – it will able to show double amount of information,
  • Internet Explorer 10,
  • NFC with native support,
  • support for multicore devices,
  • new model of multi-threading – applications will be able to run in the background,
  • new platform for speech recognition – I am wondering if it will support Polish language,
  • Two new resolutions will be introduced – 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720,
  • Nokia Maps build-in in each of Windows Phone 8 device,
  • native code support – developers will be able to use native functions in applications,
  • ready for business – device can be encrypted by BitLocker and there will be possibility to manage device by administrators remotely,
  • new way of update – connection with PC will be not more needed, all updates will be delivered over air,
  • mirco SD card reader will be built in device.

And that’s all. We can expect new portion of information when the new SDK will be released.