Some time ago, I have announced that in next year 1.2 billion new smartphones will be sold on the market. This huge number can lure many developers to mobile market. I suggest that you should avoid Poland store if you want to create paid applications. According to researches provided by Xyologic, statistical Pole is not willing to buy application on mobile devices. Let’s look at September. In this month Poles downloaded 32.33 millions of apps for Android and 3.54 for iPhone. I encourage you to try guess what is the number of downloaded paid applications.

I am sure you will not succeed .Well, when it comes to Android we have downloaded 0.13 million paid applications. In case of iPhone this number is higher – 0.7 million. Provided figures show perfectly how significant impact on application sales has ideology connected to those two ecosystems. Users of smartphones with Android assume that they should get [mark]everything for free[/mark]. The paid application on this platform is not even hitting level of 0.5% of total downloaded applications. We can say that iPhone is in contrast to Android. Users of that system got used to [mark]pay for everything[/mark] from early beginning. As a result of such manner the paid application share is higher – almost 20%.

The presented data does not consider Windows Phone. I think this platform should be put closer to Android phones that iPhones. As a result of this situation we should not think that we can reach [mark]spectacular profits[/mark] from sale of applications on the Polish market. I would advise to reject paid application as business model from very beginning. This will not work in Poland. Our application will not earn on itself.

At the end I would admit that I am a statistical Pole. I have bought only two application on my Windows Phone smartphone – Angry Birds and Feed Me Oil. To sum up I would like to know if you have any of paid applications on your smartphone? And what kind of application do you have?