Sooner or later every one of us will get error as follows on the Windows Phone emulator:

[box color=”blue” icon=”busy” size=”big”]Error: The saved-state file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\XDE\{7F63A4C3-95DE-4DF2-91A9-AEC63BBDD089}.dess is corrupt. Please delete the corrupted saved state file and then retry.[/box]

The message will be almost the same. The only difference will be GUID. As you can see error is quite easy to solve because there is description what user should do. As soon as we remove files with the same GUID from provided directory, Windows Phone emulator will start. But…

… it starts much longer than before. As you can see before each start, complete OS boot is being done. Before this error emulator has started like returning from hibernation. To solve this issue we can try do to one of following actions:

  1. run command prompt with admin rights and execute following command; this action sometimes does not work.
    "c:\Program Files\Microsoft XDE\1.0\ImageGen.exe" 
            /g /p {7E6B29E6-AAE1-41dc-9849-049507CBA2B0} /csl 1033
  2. 2. if the first solution does not help we can always try to repairs Windows Phone SDK. To do so we need to go to the Programs and Features (Add / Remove Programs), than find Windows Phone SDK and start repair option.

Once this is done emulator should boot faster.