Last time I haven’t got time to work with the blog. As you can see last entry is from 16th December. During that time many good ideas came into my mind. Most of them has been put to notepad. Now I have good material to work on.

During last month I decided to close long-open cases. First of all I have decided to achieve my object – to start making money on the applications for Windows Phone. It seems to me that this is the moment. The last premiere of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are the turning points for products with Microsoft OS. I hope this decision will be profitable in future.

First step which was made into that direction was to finish assumed functionalities in the following applications: Kursy Walut, SpeedDial and SpeedDial Pro. Those apps should make a good foothold to gain a greater market share. Position of Kursy Walut is already established. In case of two other applications, latest changes have introduced all of assumed functionalities and target performances.