Nothing sets customers or users attitude on our product as the first impression. It can be achieved in various ways, but it is done mostly by advertising. Those ads show us why we need this unique product.

Such well settled positive attitude should be sustained in daily usage of product. During those path there are two more stops:

  • purchase – sometimes this stage is ignored, especially when purchase is made by web,
  • unboxing.

In both cases I think Apple should be identified as the leader. This can be seen when we enter to the iStore. From the beginning we can spot different treatment. We have access to huge amount of equipment that we can touch and play. We can sit in front of device for over an hour and nobody will consider this as something negative. Thanks to such attitude we are able to know products better before we decide to buy one of them.

Similar attitude is connected with the box. The order inside and ascetic design bring the unboxing process to a new level. At least this should work in that way in most cases. But sometimes something can go wrong. Some users of the latest iPhone may felt a bit cheated when they discovered that their new device, that was taken out from the box a moment ago, had some scratches.

But maybe we can do something better. One of such proposition has been presented by vitamins studio. Please check this by watching the attached video.