From the early beginning Microsoft is trying to attract developers to create applications on devices with Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating system. In Poland Microsoft organised trainings regarding those platforms, sold a bit cheaper devices for developers and organised few competitions together with I have managed to won my first Windows Phone device and XBox in one of that competitions.

But from my point something has been missed if I compare Poland to other countries. For example in USA, Canada or Australia developer need to write only 2 applications and can get free device from Microsoft. Sometimes he should only promise that he will write those applications.

I think this is not issue for a complaint. I think that people from Microsoft Poland are doing great job for promoting the platform. But you should be aware that those actions are addressed rather to new developers. In most competitions you can gain points only for new applications. Old one cannot be submitted.

Yesterday I have found accidentally something that can fill that gap. I discovered that Nokia has similar program DVLUP. After comparing both ideas I think Nokias’ program suits me better. It is similar as competition at – you will get points for your applications prepared for Windows Phone devices. But in this case you will get points also for your old applications, e.g. when you will get new reviews, you will update your application and so one. Additional points can be gained if you use special functions that are available only in Nokia devices (e.g. SDK for music, HERE maps, …). And finally you should be able to change your points for specials awards. List of that awards has not been defined yet. Some elements that can be on that list have been revealed in the video.