Two weeks ago I wrote an article concerning preparation of elements that will be presented in Windows Store. In that article I promised that I will share with you my knowledge how to encourage people to review your application more often.

This is very easy issue. We have two sides. On one side is a developer who would like to get a lot of positive review of his application. On the other side we have an user. Sometimes it is young person who knows all features of smartphone very well. But it can be also somebody older who uses smartphone only for making phone calls. Sometimes such user uses other applications but in most cases those applications have been installed by somebody else. We should remember about those cases when we are preparing this solution. It should be so easy to use that both kinds of users should be able to review our application without any problems.

Also we should take into account issues connected to motivation. It is common that unhappy user writes reviews more often that people who like our application. We should remember about the following rule:

Happy customers tell 3 friends, unhappy customers tell 10!

I can assure you that this rule is also valid for mobile applications!

Solution is very easy – we need only to ask our customer to review our application after a while. After user will accept it we need to show him a review screen. There is only one issue – we need to define correctly the time when user will get prompt to review our application. This time can be defined in two ways:


  • number of days from first run of application,
  • number of application starts.


Of course you should take into consideration character of your application before choosing one of the approach. In case of Kursy Walut I am using the first approach. In most cases user is pining the most important currencies for him to start screen. After that he does not need to start an application. The second case – number of application starts – I use in case of SpeedDial app. In this case user starts  application quite often. But as I mentioned before it depends on the kind of application.

Implementation of this solution is very easy. You can find many ready-made solutions. I use one of Telerik controls in my applications – RadRateApplicationReminder. Because of that implementation is very easy. You just need to add the following lines to your application:

private void Application_Launching(object sender, LaunchingEventArgs e)
  RadRateApplicationReminder radRateApplicationReminder =
    new RadRateApplicationReminder
        AllowUsersToSkipFurtherReminders = true,
        RecurrencePerUsageCount = 5,
        RecurrencePerTimePeriod = new TimeSpan(30, 0, 0, 0),
        MessageBoxInfo = new MessageBoxInfoModel
          Buttons = MessageBoxButtons.YesNo,
          Content = AppResources.App_RateReminder_Content,
          SkipFurtherRemindersMessage = AppResources.App_RateReminder_SkipFurtherRemindersMessage,
          Title = AppResources.App_RateReminder_Title

In this case after fifth run of our application or after 30 days user will get the following message:

Rate the app

And maybe one last thing. You should always add possibility for user to turn off review notification.