Together with Windows Phone 8.1 update Microsoft has introduced new feature to Settings menu – Project my screen:

Project My Screen

Finally it will be a standard element of Windows Phone platform. From early beginning of Windows Phone ecosystem Microsoft has used this solution during presentations. Unfortunate this solution has not been officially available for other people in Windows Phone 7.x and 8.0. In some cases you could flash your device with not official software and then add additional drivers… Finally we would get the same feature but the device would not have official software on it.

I really like this feature. It can be very useful for everybody who is conducting presentations or trainings. Without this solution I needed to use camera that has been installed on tripod. It worked but there were a lot of things that should be improved. First of all you could easy cover phone screen by your hand. Secondly you need to find place with good lighting. And the last thing – focus issue. You should always remember to switch it to manual. Without that step the camera will try to set focus at your hand when it is over the phone.

Right now you can forget about those problems…

You need just to:

  1. Download and install –  Project My Screen App
  2. Then you need to start already installed application (app will start in full screen mode – please use Esc to turn off full screen mode)
  3. Connect your phone to PC by standard USB cable and accept following prompt:Allow Screen Projection?
  4. After clicking yes you should be able to see the same view as is on your phone on your PC screen.

Project My Screen App

In case of the first connection some issues can occur. It happened in my case. I couldn’t get already mentioned prompt on my mobile. The solution for this issue is very easy. You need just to remove all elements that are related with your device in Device Manager. And then you should reconnect your phone. It should work.

Device Manager

This issue can happen in case of the first usage of this application. Next time there should not be any problems.