Only 2 months left to .NET DeveloperDays conference. The conference will start on October 19th with whole day workshops. Then during next two days you will be able to take part in lectures related to Microsoft technology stack. You will have a chance to listen such speakers like Jon Skeet, Daniel Fisher, Adam Granicz, Dino Esposito and many others. Whole event will be held in the EXPO XXI Hall in Warsaw.

I think this conference can be very interesting because it is not overloaded with topics related to .NET Core, Docker or even F#. On the one hand those topics are quite on time right now. But on the other one I think that they are also a bit overused nowadays. Everybody is talking about them and in many cases scopes are overlapping each other.

Below you can find initial plan for sessions that I would like to attend:

  • Jon Skeet – C#: Open, Evolving, Everywhere,
  • Valdis Iljuconoks – Tackling Complexities and Mediating Hexagonal Challenges,
  • Sean Farmar – Why Service Oriented Architecture?
  • Adam Granicz – Functional, reactive web abstractions for .NET,
  • Dino Esposito – Migrating to ASP.NET Core: Challenges and Opportunities or Maciej Aniserowicz – CQRS for… everyone!
  • Jon Skeet – Abusing C# or Daniel Fisher – CQRS: My 42,
  • Dino Esposito – DDD: Where’s the Value and What’s in It for Me? or Tomas Herceg – Entity Framework Core,
  • Sean Farmar – Building (micro) services in .NET,
  • Jon Skeet – Immutability in C#,
  • Ted Neward – Rethinking Enterprise.

I am still not sure if I attend to one of workshops.