Everybody that didn’t decided to take part in conference .NET DeveloperDays should make their mind quickly. Only few days left when price is still normal. From October 1st price will be higher about 200 PLN. This is not only the problem. The other one is availability of tickets for workshop. Probably only few are left.

There are four workshops available:

  • Dino Esposito – Modern web development with the ASP.NET MVC stack
  • Ted Neward – Busy .NET developer’s workshop on the CLR
  • Adam Granicz – Functional programming on .NET with F# – become a programming Jedi now!
  • Daniel Fisher – Resilience and cloud patterns TOGO: build useful stuff in JS and C#

From my perspective I would go to Dino Esposito or Ted Neward workshops. In case of Dino I would like to see one of masters’. But I am afraid that it will be not a workshop but rather few hours lecture. And Ted workshop looks interesting.