I would like to invite you to familiarize with materials from training about unit tests. This training has been prepared as part of my work duties in Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists. The main goal of this training was to learn quality engineers that work in Objectivity how to write unit tests.

The training has been divided into two parts:

  1. Unit Tests – The Beginning – this is an introduction to unit tests; you will learn:
    • what unit tests are,
    • how to develop them correctly,
    • how you can cooperate in project to build better unit tests,
    • how unit tests work.
  2. Unit Test – Let’s write some code – in second part of training you will learn how to begin your adventure with writing unit tests. In main part of training you will find information about xUnit test framework and Moq. Together with that you will also find short introduction to other test frameworks (nUnit and MS Test), NSubstitute and tools that calculate test coverage. Moreover you will gain practical knowledge how to run and debug unit tests.

All materials can be found on GitHub:

  1. Unit Tests – The Beginning
  2. Unit Test – Let’s write some code

I hope that everybody will find something interesting even that this training has been especially prepared for quality engineers.