A few days ago second edition Get Noticed! has started. From the beginning I wanted to be part of this competition community. The idea is great! Unfortunate as usual taking decision was not so easy. The main blocker was my calendar. In that time all of my weekends are busy. Moreover I am planning two foreign trips. One of them will be longer. Finally I decided to take part in it – a small motivation factor was that I tried to convince Jurka to take part in this competition. Finally I decided to take part in it. It seems that it will be the first time when I will take a laptop with me on holidays. I hope I will manage to survive to end of competition.

Let’s switch to issue that I would like to solve.

We can look at this from two perspectives. First – motivation. From over a year I am trying to switch into web technologies. In general I am getting better with it. But still I haven’t started any project from scratch jet. I always joined to project that were already ongoing. And this completion can be great possibility to go through all stages of application creation. Also, I would like to move out from my comfort zone and try new technologies. I am planning to use ASP.NET Core as backend and Angular2 (maybe Angular4) as frontend. Of course, everything will be hosted on Azure.

And finally – the idea. I would like to build an application that will provide information about NuGet package downloads. Also is should be possible to place some kind of button / picture on GitHub that will inform about current number of downloads of our package.