We still have few months to September but I would like to invite you to my workshops that will take place in that month.

First of them – CosmosDB – Database for Serverless Era – is part of ProgNET London 2018. I will be conducting 3,5 hours workshop during the second day of the conference (13th September 2018). You will learn how to use CosmosDb in your Serverless solutions. I will start with a short introduction of this service, and will present most essential features of CosmosBD. Then you will be able to learn how you can store and query data with this product. You will then try to build your first Serverless solution that will use CosmosDB as a database. Finally, you will play with query optimisation.

The second one – Serverless in Microsoft Azure – will be conducted in Cracow during conference DevConf 2018. Whole day workshop is planned for the first day of conference – 26th September 2018. During the workshop you will learn how to use Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Flow and Event Grid to build easy scalable and cost-effective back-end for your applications.

And what is the most important with this approach building scalable and secure applications has become easier. You can finally focus on solution creation and express creativity in providing new features.

Still, there is some time to September… I would like to encourage you to buy tickets for conferences right now and save a bit money.