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Web Summit 2023 Lisbon: Key Findings

This year, I marked my second participation in the Web Summit and my first in-person experience. My initial encounter in 2020 was virtual. Being there physically offered a distinctly different experience. The Scale of the Event The event’s magnitude was astounding, with over 70,000 attendees, 2,600 startups, 900 investors, and representatives of 30 countries. In Lisbon, every corner buzzed with Web Summit participants. For comparison, I grew up in a city with fewer than 60,000 residents. AI Adoption: The Central Theme Unsurprisingly, AI was the focal point. Discussions covered implementation areas like marketing, healthcare, retail, gaming, sustainability and more; challenges [...]

🔍 Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2024: Unpacking the Power of AI 🤖

Intrigued about what’s on the horizon in the tech world? Gartner has just released its highly anticipated list of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024, and Artificial Intelligence is notably at the forefront. With AI-centric trends claiming 4 of the 10 spots, let's take a deeper dive into each trend's impact and potential for transformative change. 📌 AI-Driven Trends Democratized Generative AI: Gartner projects that by 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have incorporated GenAI APIs, models, or deployed GenAI-driven applications in production environments. This represents a substantial uptick from the less than 5% using it in [...]

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How do you prioritize emerging technologies that should be on-boarded to your organisation?

This text summarises the discussion with Radosław Taraszka about tracking and onboarding new technologies to organisations. He inspired me to summarise my approach in one post. What are the most crucial characteristics of emerging technology you want to onboard to your organisations? It is simple. It needs to deliver value to the organisation. When verifying it, you need to remember about your organisation’s environment. As an example, let’s use blockchain. It offers enormous potential, but finding a good place to adopt this technology in all organisations is difficult. It also needs to find an opportune moment. When I was working [...]

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