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Social costs of mobile applications – based on Pokémon Go

Have you ever thought how enormous cost could be generated by the mobile application? Moreover, I am not thinking only about the cost of development… In most cases, we are saying that the mobile application succeeds when it is downloaded by an enormous number of people. However, nobody is talking about the other side of the medal. The same situation occurred with Pokémon Go.

Let’s start with good things. Only in Google Play this game has been download between 100 million and 500 million times. Moreover, you will find over 9,7 million of reviews. Both numbers are still growing. It is estimated that development cost of this game was on about 1 million USD level. Read more

MVP conception

Many people connect MVP abbreviation with distinction provided by Microsoft or model-view-presenter pattern. But this is not a thing that I would describe in this post. I will continue topics connected with mobile application creation. To be more precisely – this post is about conception that is named minimum viable product.

I can give you many examples of ideas or projects which didn’t achieve success on global market even that they had a great potential. In case of each project reason of failure was different. Sometimes somebody has managed to release similar project to market before our solution have been ready. In other case the team has lost motivation to finish the idea. Sometimes the reason was very ordinary – you have run out of budget. But I think the worst scenario is when you have ready product and you are not able to find customers for it. Read more

How to encourage people to review your app?

Two weeks ago I wrote an article concerning preparation of elements that will be presented in Windows Store. In that article I promised that I will share with you my knowledge how to encourage people to review your application more often.

This is very easy issue. We have two sides. On one side is a developer who would like to get a lot of positive review of his application. On the other side we have an user. Sometimes it is young person who knows all features of smartphone very well. But it can be also somebody older who uses smartphone only for making phone calls. Sometimes such user uses other applications but in most cases those applications have been installed by somebody else. We should remember about those cases when we are preparing this solution. It should be so easy to use that both kinds of users should be able to review our application without any problems. Read more

Unusual way of controlling the application

It seems that we have seen already all ways of controlling our application. But sometimes you can find new approach for already known issues. As an example we should look at innovative way of controlling application used in Sax app. This is next application that is simulating some musical instrument. It this case it is a saxophone.

But in this case you use the whole phone to control the application. As it is in other apps you need to tap the screen to get some sounds. The new thing is adding gyroscope to this process. Each change of the position of your phone will modify output sound. 

How successfully increase number of downloads of our application?

I hear this question from other developers very often. I think the answer is really easy – we just need to prepare good application. But sometimes this is not enough. Sometimes even very good application has some problems with getting to the top of rankings. We should always remember that in Windows Store there are numerous of other apps that we need to beat. Read more

Mobile application – there is no problem with its development but how can I sell it?

Right now everybody can develop mobile application. It is not a problem to find somebody how will do it even for us. The cost of needed tools and knowledge is so low that more people are trying to create new mobile application. And then they are trying to sell it. At the beginning it seems that selling mobile application is quite easy task. But it is not true. I find confirmation of that sentence in emails.

Quite often I get emails with similar question about sale model of mobile applications. In most cases the question is as following: Read more

My first million – InfoMEET

I would like to invite you for my presentation that would be conducted on Saturday (26.10) on InfoMEET in Wrocław. During the presentation I would like to share with you knowledge about how to earn money from mobile applications creation. Despite the fact that I work with Windows Phone most of the time, I would like to show common topics for all platforms. After the lecture you should have knowledge about how to plan and realize new mobile application creation project.