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Moq.EntityFramework.Helpers NuGet package

As you probably know I wrote two articles about mocking DbSet<TEntity> with Moq: synchronous calls – Mocking DbContext and DbSet with Moq asynchronous calls – EntityFramework – asynchronous queries unit tests I combined those solution to one library and published in on NuGet – Moq.EntityFramework.Helpers. […]

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Lightning talk – Autofixture

I would like to encourage you to download and go through presentation from lighting talk about AutoFixture library. Main purpose of this library is to minimize the ‘Arrange’ phase of unit tests in order to maximize maintainability. Presentation is available on GitHub – AutoFixture - Lightning talk. You will find there description of main features of this library. Moreover, presentation contains short comparison AutoFixture with other available solutions. Of course on GitHub you will find code used in presentation.

PDF Combiner 1.7

In the newest version of PDF Combiner I introduced the following changes: - changed way of files combining - improved behavior of keys: Move up and Move down - fixed layout issues when application is working on Windows with not standard DPI settings - added protection for accidentally overwriting source files. The newest version of application can be downloaded from application page.

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StyleCop SA0120 error with Visual Studio 2015

It is quite common that you will find some issues during updating development environment to a newer version – in this case to Visual Studio 2015. In projects that use StyleCop for code analysis you can get SA0120 CSharp.CsParser error. It seems that it is internal StyleCop error. You are not able to find information about SA0102 error in StyleCop warning messages’ documentation. It is good that this error will not occur after opening project in Visual Studio 2015. It will occur after your will use some features introduced in C# 6.0. I think that most of us should be [...]

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PDF Combiner 1.6

In the newest version of PDF Combiner I introduced following changes: - added support for PDF documents that have been created according to the newest PDF document standard - added possibility to merge documents which opening is protected with password - added possibility to copy more detailed error information to Windows clipboard. The newest version of application can be downloaded from application page.

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Free UI controls from Telerik

Due to the TechEd 2014 conference Telerik decided to organize interesting promotion. The company is giving away for free the following products: - UI for Windows Phone, - UI for Windows 8 – XAML, - UI for Windows 8 – HTML. You just need to go to Telerik webpage and fill the form. And that is all. If you have already Telerik account the licenses will be added to it in few minutes.

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Copy / Paste with Visual Studio vs. dark theme

Many people are customizing their Visual Studio. It is very easy and you can change almost everything. This is one of the first action that I am doing after reinstallation of Visual Studio. The other actions are: installation of Visual Studio updates and add-ins and also updating themes. Right now I would like to focus at themes. In my case I have changed my attitude to themes few times. When I started my adventure with Visual Studio I have used default theme. After a while I have changed it to dark one. And finally I have done my own – [...]

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GUID + VS2012 + R#

Sometimes really small features that are implemented in add-ins can make developer feel happy. This small features can speed up software development process. Last time I had to prepare an application installer – I have chosen WiX. In this solution you need to add to each element in installer GUID. Hopefully I am using R# with Visual Studio 2012. And the R# generates GUIDs out of the box. You only need to enter [mark]nguid[/mark], press [mark]tab[/mark] button and choose proper format.

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Telerik – a few words about controls

I think that everybody knows the Telerik company – the provider of controls packs for different platforms. Beside of controls, the company also have some additional tools that can help developers in their daily work. But let finish talking about company. This entry should be written and published a long time ago, but always there were other more important issues. Right now I have two products of Telerik – [mark]Windows Phone[/mark] and [mark]Windows 8[/mark] controls packs. I will be honest I still haven’t used the controls for Windows 8. But their time will come in the future. […]

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