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Visual Studio

GUID + VS2012 + R#

Sometimes really small features that are implemented in add-ins can make developer feel happy. This small features can speed up software development process. Last time I had to prepare an application installer – I have chosen WiX. In this solution you need to add to each element in installer GUID. Hopefully I am using R# with Visual Studio 2012. And the R# generates GUIDs out of the box. You only need to enter [mark]nguid[/mark], press [mark]tab[/mark] button and choose proper format.

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Debugging Visual Studio

Today I will try to describe the technique used rarely to find bugs. It involves the use of second instance Visual Studio to find errors in the first. Looking at the last sentence, you can begin to think about how to look for errors in Visual Studio can help you find bugs in our program. It should be realized, that really Visual Studio incorporates our code. And our goal is to trace the activities of this code. […]

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Customize search results in Visual Studio

Visual Studio has a lot of options, that allow you to customize the tools to individual user needs. Thanks to this, your daily work are becoming more enjoyable and more effective. Unfortunately, if you want to change the way of search result presentation you will encounter the problem. The Visual Studio settings do not contain such option, which would allow to change it. I wonder how many people is annoyed by the standard layout of search results window. […]

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