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Free UI controls from Telerik

Due to the TechEd 2014 conference Telerik decided to organize interesting promotion. The company is giving away for free the following products: - UI for Windows Phone, - UI for Windows 8 – XAML, - UI for Windows 8 – HTML. You just need to go to Telerik webpage and fill the form. And that is all. If you have already Telerik account the licenses will be added to it in few minutes.

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Windows Phone 8.1 – backward compatibility

According to Microsoft assurances applications that have been provided for Windows Phone 8.0 should also work with phones updated to Windows Phone 8.1. In most cases it is true. But sometimes small changes in OS can cause that application will not work as we expected. In my case issues occurred in SpeedDial / SpeedDial Pro apps. The Windows Phone’s SDK didn’t change in that area and both applications source code compiled correctly without any errors. Unfortunate Microsoft has changed behaviour of OS. In this case issues were generated because PhoneCallTask is working a bit differently than in Windows Phone 8.1. [...]

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Windows Phone 8.1 – Project my screen

Together with Windows Phone 8.1 update Microsoft has introduced new feature to Settings menu – Project my screen: Finally it will be a standard element of Windows Phone platform. From early beginning of Windows Phone ecosystem Microsoft has used this solution during presentations. Unfortunate this solution has not been officially available for other people in Windows Phone 7.x and 8.0. In some cases you could flash your device with not official software and then add additional drivers… Finally we would get the same feature but the device would not have official software on it. […]

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How to encourage people to review your app?

Two weeks ago I wrote an article concerning preparation of elements that will be presented in Windows Store. In that article I promised that I will share with you my knowledge how to encourage people to review your application more often. This is very easy issue. We have two sides. On one side is a developer who would like to get a lot of positive review of his application. On the other side we have an user. Sometimes it is young person who knows all features of smartphone very well. But it can be also somebody older who uses smartphone [...]

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Windows Phone: How to check if our application is run in an emulator?

From time to time there is a need to check how our application is being started – in emulator or in real device? To do this we need just to execute the following code: if (Microsoft.Devices.Environment.DeviceType == DeviceType.Emulator) { MessageBox.Show("Application has been started in emulator."); } With this knowledge we can change the way of our application’s behaviour on different type of devices. For example if our application is started in emulator we can use different settings for test purposes. Even more we can forbid our application to run on emulator. This feature can be useful also when we [...]

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Update

New Windows Phone 8 SDK update is available to download from Microsoft webpage. This update allows to test application on emulator with latest system – Windows Phone 8 build 8.0.10322 or higher. Please note that you should install Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 before updating Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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Keyboard shortcuts in WP8 emulator

Below you can find the list of keyboard’s shortcuts that can be used in Windows Phone 8 emulator: - F12 (first press) – turns off and locks the display,- F12 (second press) – shows lock screen,- Page Down – enables to use keyboard connected to PC in emulator,- Page Up – disables to use keyboard connected to PC in emulator,- F1 – simulates pressing Back button,- F2 – simulates pressing Start button,- F3 – simulates pressing Search button.

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Dev Center for 19$

Once again Microsoft is trying to attract developers to its platform by reducing original price for developer account to 19$. This promotion will be valid till 27th August 2013. I encourage people who would like to start developing applications for Windows Phone platform to consider using this promotion. This price is also attractive for developers whose account is almost expired. More details can be found at Dev Center web page.

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Useful value converters

Value converters – small pieces of code that are very useful in case of binding some values in XAML. Without them some types of bindings in XALM would not be so easy. We use them in Windows Phone, Silverlight or WPF projects. In most cases for each new project I copy the most important converters to solution. For me the most important are: [list] string / Uri to BitmapImage bool to Visibility Color to SolidColorBrush String + StringFormat [/list] Please click more to see implementation of the following converters. […]

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Selling applications at Polish Windows Store

Every time when somebody asks me if it is possible to earn money by selling application on [mark]Windows Store[/mark] that are targeted on Polish users, I say that in most cases you are unable to do this. Polish people have quite specific attitude for buying mobile applications and their evaluations. Ideally, the app should be free and without ads. […]

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