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4Developers conference materials

Below you can find links to materials from 4Developers conference: , , . In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The saved-state file … is corrupted

Sooner or later every one of us will get error as follows on the Windows Phone emulator: [box color=”blue” icon=”busy” size=”big”]Error: The saved-state file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\XDE\{7F63A4C3-95DE-4DF2-91A9-AEC63BBDD089}.dess is corrupt. Please delete the corrupted saved state file and then retry.[/box] The message will be almost the same. The only difference will be GUID. As you can see error is quite easy to solve because there is description what user should do. As soon as we remove files with the same GUID from provided directory, Windows Phone emulator will start. But… […]

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Oh that recursion…

Some time ago I lost two days for finding trivial bug. It was done completely unconsciously. Anyway, as most of other bugs. Application started to behave quite strange – after launching, it crashed immediately. Probably you will ask yourself what it is unusual. I have started standard procedure – run application with connected a debugger. But debugger was useless. Application crashed without any notification disconnecting the debugger. I have not got any single clue that will help me to solve this riddle. […]

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Improving WP7 application start-up

Windows Phone application must pass certification criteria. You can find two of them that are strictly connected with application start-up time: [list icon=”check”] the application should show first screen of application in less than 5 seconds. Of course this can be splash screen, the application should respond to user actions no later than 20 seconds after launching. [/list] You might wonder if this is a lot. From my point of view it is very difficult to overcome these two limitations. However, if we look at application from user’s perspective, waiting 20 seconds for start of application can be terribly annoying. [...]

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Encryption of XAP files

Microsoft has updated AppHub portal last week. New name has been introduced – Dev Center and some new functionalities have been added. The portal works much faster now. Let’s back to the main issue. With the new portal XAP files encryption has been introduced. From the perspective of end users the change is rather cosmetic and should not be noticed. However, if we look from developers (creating applications on Windows Phone) point of view this change seems to be very important. Until recently, developers were exposed on solution theft. Only few steps were required for that purpose: [list icon=”check”] installing [...]

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Safe way of Windows Phone Tasks handling

Have you ever wondered how you should use Windows Phone 7 Tasks correctly? When you look through the examples on MSDN, in most cases you will find following structure: Task task = new Task(); try { task.PropertyA = “A”; task.PropertyB = “B”; task.PropertyC = “C”; task.Show(); } catch (System.InvalidOperationException ex) { MessageBox.Show(“An error occurred.”); } […]

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CameraCaptureTask debugging

During application development very often developers need to check how application works. Sometimes only running application on phone is needed, sometimes developer needs to check code line by line in Visual Studio in debug session. In very rare scenarios, some problems can occur, that makes testing difficulty. I think that normal Windows Phone user gets used to that after connecting phone to computer by USB some features are being disabled. User cannot browse the Marketplace, take pictures, shoot movies, etc. The same restrictions apply to the software developer who wants to check how his application works. […]

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New things in Windows Phone 8

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone. Those of you, who expected revolutionary information, may feel slightly disappointed. Microsoft has confirmed only all information that has been already published on the Internet as rumours. The key message was presented at the end of conference – Windows Phone 7 devices will not receive a full update to Windows Phone 8. There will be only update to something what is called Windows Phone 7.8. This version should look and behave like Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately this will not be full version of Windows Phone 8. I also wonder how that [...]

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Windows Phone 8 premiere

Today another Microsoft product will have premiere. During the conference, Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, Windows Phone 8 will be unveiled. I hope it will finally dispel any doubts about updates already available phones with Windows Phone 7.5 to the latest version. The conference will begin at 18.00 Polish time. Everybody will be able to follow it live on Channel 9.

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