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Windows Phone

Most important is the idea…

I think that everyone who develop and share its software do this to achieve profits in long term. For one person satisfaction can be a profit. Somebody else wants to earn some money. In the case of Windows Phone developer can earn money by selling its application or publish ads. Both ways are extremely simple to implement. The only one problem is to find great number of people who will use our application. After looking at the analysis of application on Windows Phone Marketplace, we can discover that list of people who have succeed is very short. Moreover, we cannot [...]

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StringFormat, XAML and Windows Phone

Daily work with the platform Windows Phone brings many surprises. Very often you can meet with the situation, that many things are unspoken in the documentation and the programmer must by himself discover how something works. Update Mango for Windows Phone introduced a new version of Silverlight for platform. This update has added the ability to use StringFormat the data binding in a file XAML. Using this additional option is very simple: <TextBox Text="{Binding Path=Value, StringFormat=Currency: {0:c}}"/> After this line you should see the number formatted as a currency. The result when you run this code do not fully [...]

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Checking availability of the network

Currently created mobile applications can not run without Internet connection. We can provide unlimited number of usage examples of data transmission in applications. We are only limited by our imagination. By implementing this type of solution in applications, we very often forget about small thing, that network check query can be performed. This tiny thing is to check, if the phone has access to the network. Getting positive information about access to the network does not guarantee us, that we will have Internet connection. This information may be used to support situations that network is unavailable. […]

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Kursy Walut 1.3

Today I am pleased to announce publication of a new version of application Kursy Walut. New version of program has introduced new functions, that significantly enhance the comfort of working with the program. The most important are: add information about the level of exchange rate changes, the information about historical exchange rates, which can be presented in a chart or table, introducing currency converter, change the tiles on the home screen by more readable one, adding synchronization for archival currency rates.

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SpeedDial 1.3

Some time ago there were two updates of application SpeedDial. Due to lack of time, the news of these events has been posted today. The biggest changes were made to the engine application. This resulted in, that the application runs much faster, from previous versions. In some cases the performance is more than one hundred times greater. […]

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Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1

All signs point, that Microsoft is getting closer to releasing the latest update for platform Windows Phone. From today there is available for download a new version of SDK which should be used for developing applications on the platform Windows Phone 7. As for the changes, this final version does not differ significantly from what was presented in the version CPT. In total, compared to the previous official version there are also only, cosmetic changes, that allow you to create and test applications for phones with less memory. Most important changes are: ability to create and test applications for the [...]

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Measuring memory usage in Windows Phone

One of the biggest gaps in performance counters is the lack of information about current memory usage. One of the requirements for the certification of applications on Windows Phone 7 is limitation to 90 MB memory usage by an application for phones with less memory than 256 MB. At the moment there is no phone on the market that meet this condition. Theoretically, we should not worry. However, according to the information from Microsoft the next generation operating system Windows Phone Tango should already allow for the production of low-budget phones with less memory. […]

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How to create Metro style applications?

Today, there will be not much text. I want to invite you to familiarize yourself with the presentation "Developing Applications Using Microsoft's Metro for Windows Phone”. The author discusses how to create compatible applications with Metro UI for platform Windows Phone 7. I hope, that you will not regret the hours spent to the presentation.

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Windows Phone performance counters

When you are creating application you should always remember about its performance. Application should run smoothly, information about the change progress, response to user actions, etc. In the case of mobile platforms, this problem is even more serious. We are used now, that computers have more powerful multi-core processors, large amount of memory, or fast disk. What was once important in the software development process – the effectiveness of proposed solutions – are often not taken into account. Now, shortcomings in the code are being compensated for by efficient equipment. […]

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