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Windows Phone

Icons for Windows Phone 7

During development programs for Windows Phone 7 I have met quite often with the problem of icons. I’m not a graphic designer and making a decent icon for the program took me too long. The first attempts to look for an icon in the Internet ended in failure. Of course, I was looking for free solutions. The only think, what I have found it was a set of icons provided by Microsoft. […]

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How to sell applications for Windows Phone 7

Today I want to move on selling the applications written for Windows Phone 7. It seems to me, that each person creates any software wants, in addition to the satisfaction of doing something useful, obtain financial benefits. Depending on the model of sales, there are different ways to make the applications developed. However, the, in the case of phones with Windows Phone 7 the most common are the following two: ads, sales of Windows applications Phone Marketplace. In this article I would like to address specifically the second way – sales application Windows Phone Marketplace. […]

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Hardware keyboard emulation in Windows Phone 7

Sometimes a little can significantly improve mood. This thing today was the discovery of a hardware keyboard emulation in the emulator Windows Phone 7. This feature allows you to enable the ability to type characters into the emulator using an ordinary computer keyboard instead of the screen. To switch the keyboard, just press Pause / Break on a computer keyboard. At this point, should disappear visible on the screen keyboard emulation and receive the possibility to enter characters from the keyboard connected to your computer. This functionality is to allow the simulation of the hardware keyboard to open the phone [...]

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Windows Phone will beat Google in 2013 year

According to a forecast prepared by Stela Bokun with Pyramid Research year 2013 to be a breakthrough for mobile system Windows Phone. This is the first time the system Microsoft Windows Phone to beat the system Google Android in terms of market share. Both the phones with the system BlackBerry OS and Apple iOS according to forecasts, will remain far behind the two leading players. […]

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