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Useful value converters

Value converters – small pieces of code that are very useful in case of binding some values in XAML. Without them some types of bindings in XALM would not be so easy. We use them in Windows Phone, Silverlight or WPF projects. In most cases for each new project I copy the most important converters to solution. For me the most important are:

  • string / Uri to BitmapImage
  • bool to Visibility
  • Color to SolidColorBrush
  • String + StringFormat

Please click more to see implementation of the following converters. Read more

StringFormat, XAML and Windows Phone

Daily work with the platform Windows Phone brings many surprises. Very often you can meet with the situation, that many things are unspoken in the documentation and the programmer must by himself discover how something works.

Update Mango for Windows Phone introduced a new version of Silverlight for platform. This update has added the ability to use StringFormat the data binding in a file XAML. Using this additional option is very simple:

<TextBox Text="{Binding Path=Value, StringFormat=Currency: {0:c}}"/>

After this line you should see the number formatted as a currency. The result when you run this code do not fully correspond to what we expected. Yes, our number is formatted as a currency, but the name of the currency and number format is insensitive to change the location settings of phone. Read more

Missing Main() method?

When creating an application WPF sometimes you need to write your own methods Main(). When viewing files in the walkthrough you come across files *.xaml and linking them *.xaml.cs and code files *.cs. Unless you need to do something is often not a standard is not necessary, to delve into different types of mechanisms. Such a mechanism could be the start application WPF.

Recently I needed to add a custom method Main(). I thought, it will be simple – a new class and the code. Of course I checked earlier, whether this method has not been defined in the files walkthrough. Read more