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Sometimes you need to have a bit luck to achieve a success. We can speak about such luck in case of Sphero. A company that is known from production of small robot toys that you are able to control by mobile phone. But before September 8th 2015 probably only technology geeks knew this company. And it was also hard to say that this company achieved success – they managed to sold about 500 000 robots in 4 years.

Such kind of luck for Sphero was new episode of Star Wars. In new episode a new robot BB-8 has been introduced. And what is more important this robot was similar to one of Sphero toys. After small modifications Sphero released a new toy – BB-8 robot. And that was it. In first 12 hours after premiere they managed to sold about 22 000 pieces of new toy.

Change location of Users and ProgramData folders to other drive

Sometime ago I decided to buy and install SSD drive in my PC. At that time I thought that 120 GB will be enough for me. Of course I was thinking about bigger drive but main purpose of this upgrade was to speed us OS and application start and run. All data and documents should be hold on other drives. That was a plan that worked for longer time.

But…. Last week new Visual Studio and new Windows 10 were presented. In that time on my SDD drive there was only 2 GB free space. I tried to clean a disk but without any success. But I managed to identify a problem – two folders: Users and ProgramData have about 22 GB. I discovered also that Chrome takes about 1,5 GB for cache and other data. I was really shocked because of this. Read more

There is still far way to mobile revolution

Polish society is using more often new technologies. Tablets and smartphones are not luxury devices any more. Those kinds of devices try to start revolution in our houses. In particular, we can see an example of such revolution in new start-ups. Many new start-up aims to create a new mobile product.

Unfortunately not always everything goes as it is planned. New start-ups try to help us with daily’s duties, e.g. to order taxi, food, tickets, …. In such scenarios the most important thing is a reliable business partner. But not only. Read more

DVLUP vs. competition

From the early beginning Microsoft is trying to attract developers to create applications on devices with Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating system. In Poland Microsoft organised trainings regarding those platforms, sold a bit cheaper devices for developers and organised few competitions together with I have managed to won my first Windows Phone device and XBox in one of that competitions.

But from my point something has been missed if I compare Poland to other countries. For example in USA, Canada or Australia developer need to write only 2 applications and can get free device from Microsoft. Sometimes he should only promise that he will write those applications. Read more

The first impression…

Nothing sets customers or users attitude on our product as the first impression. It can be achieved in various ways, but it is done mostly by advertising. Those ads show us why we need this unique product.

Such well settled positive attitude should be sustained in daily usage of product. During those path there are two more stops:

  • purchase – sometimes this stage is ignored, especially when purchase is made by web,
  • unboxing.

In both cases I think Apple should be identified as the leader. This can be seen when we enter to the iStore. From the beginning we can spot different treatment. We have access to huge amount of equipment that we can touch and play. We can sit in front of device for over an hour and nobody will consider this as something negative. Thanks to such attitude we are able to know products better before we decide to buy one of them.

Similar attitude is connected with the box. The order inside and ascetic design bring the unboxing process to a new level. At least this should work in that way in most cases. But sometimes something can go wrong. Some users of the latest iPhone may felt a bit cheated when they discovered that their new device, that was taken out from the box a moment ago, had some scratches.

But maybe we can do something better. One of such proposition has been presented by vitamins studio. Please check this by watching the attached video.

Budget – What? So small?

Last time I cleaned up my PC I have found a photo from WUD Kraków conference. It shows attitude to budget presented by interactive agency and ordering company. Quite often in Poland we can see the practise that customers are not reviling information about project budget. Customers are afraid of the situation that interactive agency will provide calculation which will use the entire budget.

On the opposite side is interactive agency. The company which is full of creative people who want to provide the best and the most innovative solution for customers. The solution which is remarkable and definitely will succeed in the market.

And finally the confrontation takes place. It turns out that the solution proposed by the agency is great but the budget is too small to realize it. 90% of functions need to be reduced.

Come back

Last time I haven’t got time to work with the blog. As you can see last entry is from 16th December. During that time many good ideas came into my mind. Most of them has been put to notepad. Now I have good material to work on.

During last month I decided to close long-open cases. First of all I have decided to achieve my object – to start making money on the applications for Windows Phone. It seems to me that this is the moment. The last premiere of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are the turning points for products with Microsoft OS. I hope this decision will be profitable in future.

First step which was made into that direction was to finish assumed functionalities in the following applications: Kursy Walut, SpeedDial and SpeedDial Pro. Those apps should make a good foothold to gain a greater market share. Position of Kursy Walut is already established. In case of two other applications, latest changes have introduced all of assumed functionalities and target performances.

My first million…

Some time ago, I have announced that in next year 1.2 billion new smartphones will be sold on the market. This huge number can lure many developers to mobile market. I suggest that you should avoid Poland store if you want to create paid applications. According to researches provided by Xyologic, statistical Pole is not willing to buy application on mobile devices. Let’s look at September. In this month Poles downloaded 32.33 millions of apps for Android and 3.54 for iPhone. I encourage you to try guess what is the number of downloaded paid applications. Read more