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I thought a lot how to start this post. Then I had a problem with it title. Finally I decided to use one simple word – Passiveness. This is character trait that scary me the most. We think that IT industry will consume any number of specialist but this is not true. There are some people that would like to change something in their life – job, project, … but… They are not able to do that. They stick in the same company or project. And they are doing nothing to change that.

You can try to ask them – why? And it is quite common that they will indicate a lot of reasons that are blocking them from that change. I can give you a lot of examples. Let’s start from a man than on interview said that his development had been block by his company. Then other person that has stuck in the same project with the same technology for over 10 years. That person was an expert in that project but totally not attractive from market perspective. And maybe last example. Somebody who has longer break from software development. Read more

Caching in Azure Function – how you can use Redis

I believe that you should know that Microsoft has prepared some set of components that can be used for integration purposes. You are able to consume the following services in our function: Azure Storage, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Service Bus, Azure Mobile Apps, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Notification Hubs, Twilio, SendGrid. On the one hand this list is not so big. On the other one you can address with those services a lot of typical scenarios. But sometimes you need to do something more.

Today I would like to share with how easily you can use Redis cache in Azure Function. You should start thinking what for we need to do that. Probably you heard that Azure Functions should be stateless, atomic, small, fast, … But sometimes you need to do something that violate those rules. Read more

Serverless Azure – Environment preparation

Progressive .NET 2017 conference is almost there. During the conference I will be conducting workshop regarding Serverless Azure.

You should prepare your computers to be able to gain as much knowledge as it is possible from workshop.

Please install or organise the following elements:

Unfortunately, without those tools it will be hard for you to take part in this workshop.

Mocking API with Azure Functions

The biggest advantage of Azure Functions is reducing time-to-market of our application. We can also use them to make prototyping more effective. From some time you are able to define mock of our function in Azure Portal. Function defined as mock will respond on request according to its configuration.

I believe that this solution has a great potential. It can be very useful in all sort of application’s prototyping activities. You just need to define our end point and its response. And that is all. You can start using it in you prototype. So you define correct connections in your application from early begin. Then you will need only to change mock definition with correct implementation of your function.

There is also other benefit. You can optimize work between people in your team. I think that everybody at least once has taken part in situation when two groups – one responsible for front-end and second one for back-end – defined common interfaces. And finally both parts of this solution couldn’t talk to each other in the end. Mocks allow us to define well described interfaces by providing working end-point. With that approach both groups would have materialized version of their contract and they can use it.

Unfortunately described feature is still not so well known and popular because it has not been introduced to Azure Portal as feature that can be configured easily by user from UI. You will need to modify manually configuration files. Read more

Is it now time for a change?

Career is a great topic for different kind of guides. Let’s be serious. I wonder how often are you thinking about it? Do you have plan for it or maybe do you have defined some milestones? And finally do you monitor your career?

This topic can be seen as trivial. I have a job which I am happy with. Moreover my position is set there and I am in my comfort zone. First problems occur in situation when you are trying to change your job. It will be more dramatic in each situation when you will be forced to do that. Unfortunately, it is quite common to meet people that are very good in topics strictly tight to their projects during recruitment meetings. Unfortunately, they forget that our reality it is moving forward. And it is moving very fast. Please just look at the last century. Read more

Serverless Azure – Progressive .NET 2017

I would like to invite you to my new workshop – Serverless Azure. First of them will be conducted during Progressive .NET 2017 conference. It will took place in London on 14th September 2017.

During 3.5 hours of workshops you will learn how to use Azure platform to build serverless applications. Through different examples, you will explore on Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. You will discover how easy it is to build and integrate your applications. Finally, you will learn how to build, deploy, manage and monitor your application. Together with examples, I will point out main pros and cons of used platform. This talk will help you in deciding whether you should use serverless approach.

With this approach building scalable and secure applications has become easier. Developers can finally focus on solution creation and express creativity in providing new features.