It is a program that allows you to easily and quickly split PDF file. Three simple steps are needed, to split PDF document into separate documents. First, we must add file you would like to split to the program. This can be done using the Add file button. Then you need to provide information which pages should be extracted. The last step is splitting file. To do this, click Split PDF button.

And most importantly, the program is entirely free.

Key Features

  • Full secure – your PDFs are not leaving your computer

  • Easy to use

  • Easy selection of pages from PDF, that will be split,

  • Work without any additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat

  • Ability to operate as a standalone application

  • Low system requirements


Standalone version
Version for installation

Additional information

This application can be used for commercial purposes without any limitations. The application will add as the last page of document information that this document has been created with PDF Splitter.

For people who will support this application, the mentioned page will not be added in PDF Combiner and PDF Splitter to the document for a year.


Change log

Version 2.3
  • Automatic licence update after Computer Id change.
Version 2.0
  • Added support for new versions of PDF files.
Version 1.0:
  • First version.

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