Project Description

A program for checking the exchange rate.


The application provides the user with the latest exchange rates downloaded from the web page of the National Bank of Poland. Additionally, you can clip the selected currency to the home screen in the form of Tile. Each tile is updated daily to show the current exchange rate of the currency. In the program the user can define a favourite currencies. List of favourite currencies and their rates will be displayed by default whenever you start. In addition to data about the rate you get the information from which date the rate is and a table number from which it was downloaded.




List of changes

Version 1.9:
  • the new summary screen available after tapping on currency,
  • horizontal mode with additional column in historical rates table.
Version 1.8:
  • small improvements.
Version 1.6:
  • new way of currency chart presentation,
  • the main interface simplification,
  • ads removal,
  • reduction of Internet connection usage,
  • possibility to define order in list of favourites currencies – order in which currencies have been added to favourite list will remain.
Version 1.3:
  • add information about the level of exchange rate changes,
  • the information about historical exchange rates, which can be presented in a chart or table,
  • introducing currency converter,
  • change the tiles on the home screen by more readable one,
  • adding synchronization for archival currency rates.