Project Description

A program to generate random passwords.


Password Generator is a tool for supporting the process of generating passwords. The program can operate in two modes:

  • basic,
  • advanced.

Basic mode allows you to select the characters used to generate passwords in a very easy way. You can choose groups of characters, which will be taken to the password:

  • upper-case letters (ABCDEF…),
  • lower-case letters (abcdef…),
  • numerals (01234…),
  • symbols (~`!@#$%^…).

Generated password will contain only the characters of the selected groups.

In a situation, when the configuration is not sufficient for the user, there is possibility to switch to advanced mode. In this mode, there is the opportunity to create own list of characters, which will be taken into account during the generated password. You also have the effect on the frequency of use of a character in the password. It will depend on the number of repetitions of the character.

Additionally, the program allows you to set password length in the range of 1 to 50 characters.