I worked with Michal for more than two years at Tieto in a very interesting project for modernizing one of the leading healthcare main applications in Sweden and securing it with a new client-server architecture with .NET 4.5 and WPF as a way to present the data and medical workflow in new ways to the users (10000+ active users in Sweden spanning most medical professions).

In the project, we were retooling and rethinking most things about how we developed the software – including continuous integration, using Scrum, code reviewing and cross-site collaboration. Michal was instrumental in the team that brought new ideas forward and lead the implementation of them on both sites.

Michal is possibly the best Scrum Master I’ve ever worked with, a brilliant developer and has a very hands-on, fix-every-problem kind of attitude both to development and work environment that makes it really easy to recommend him for projects in need of a sharp guy that will fix himself or help the team to fix most problems, regardless of type.


I had this pleasure worked with Michał in few projects. He is responsible person with huge technical and interpersonal skills. As a team leader had time for all team members, understood customer and team needs. Precision, determination and open mind the best describe Michał. Work with him always was mix of great humour, work satisfaction and successes. Thanks to Michał I learned a lot and made big progress in my career.

Krzysztof Zięba, Test Engineer at Tieto


I had pleasure of cooperating with Michal on a couple of projects and must say he is one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with. He is a creative, passionate great developer, with great sense of humour. Precise professional, his knowledge is vast and thorough. Is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time.


From my work experience with Michał I can say that he is very valuable person in each team. Michał has positive attitude and very good communication skills. On top of that, his profound knowledge and rare skill to find out an issues that even experienced tester engineer can miss are helpful during designing and developing process. What is more, his knowledge in statistic and math is very helpful. All in all, I gladly recommend Michał as well educated software engineer with strong abilities in business.

Paweł Górzyński, Software Engineer at Tieto


Positive attitude and engagement in the project makes Michal valuable team member. When we add to this mastery in a software engineering and ability to use strong his math and statistics background then in result we have a skilled professional able to drive high quality solutions straight into the business. Additionally I must admit that Michals skills is Excel are just outstanding!


The knowledge that this Guy has is respectable. I’ve never met a person that is able to sort any kind of problem so quickly and efficiently. Michal never afraids complicated and innovative tasks. Moreover, the more difficult the task is, the biggest fun and pleasure Michal has. His head is always full of nonstandard ideas, which sometimes may seem weird, but always lead to success.

Michal is always ready to help team members, and motivate them to work. Owing to cooperating with Michal I was able to make great progress as a developer. Woking with him was more than a pleasure.

Thanks Mate!


Michał joined to my Scrum Team as a Software Developer Specialist bringing new ideas and a fresh look to a well-established team. He quickly find his own place in both, the project and the team, adding the value on the professional and social level. His attitude to support colleagues as well as cheerful nature in conjunction with ability to think analytically makes him a really valuable team member.


We would like to inform that Mr. Michał Jankowski worked as Windows Application Developer and Business Planning Analyst for: Siemens Networks Sp. z o. o. then Nokia Siemens Networks Sp. z o. o.:

  • since lst of October 2007 till 3oth of June 2008 as RlNF Sp. o. o. employee,
  • since lst of July 2008 till now as the Nokia Siemens Networks Sp. z o.o. employee.

His main tasks included:

  • planning and budgeting tools development and maintenance (C#, VBA, SQL),
  • preparation, development and improvement of reporting system,
  • projects efforts, cost and time controlling,
  • management of Artemis (planning system),
  • OpenText LiveLink lMS administration and programming (C#, LAPl, JAVA).

Michal showed great ability to utilize past work experience while working on internal tools development. The extension to Business Planning Analyst position showed very fast learning speed and very good adaptation skills. He is approached to work on very high quality providing customer oriented solutions.

The knowledge distribution is his personal strength. Michał organized several workshops and trainings to share his knowledge among the others. His submission made numerous things possible especially thanks to development of C# / Java Livelink API wrapper and his contribution to Tracking KM Usage reporting solution.