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Azure cost optimisation

FinOps: Saving 7k EUR/month by 5 minutes action

When I am teaching about the cloud and especially when I am showing cost optimization, I am presenting an example of Troy Hunt Have I Been Pwned cost saving case. Troy by using Cloudflare as a caching solution and moving traffic outside of Azure, managed to reduce the cost of infrastructure below 1 USD per month. At the end of 2018, when he was describing this case, his page was supporting  141M monthly queries of 517M records. This is a brilliant example of how you should work with your cloud solutions. Source: https://www.troyhunt.com/serverless-to-the-max-doing-big-things-for-small-dollars-with-cloudflare-workers-and-azure-functions/ Looking at the latest news from Troy- [...]

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Azure cloud cost optimisation: Autoscaling Azure SQL database by Logic Apps

Azure cloud gives you a lot of possibilities of adjusting used services to your needs. It means that you are able to adjust the costs of used resources. In the cloud, you are able to use a lot of auto-tuning options that are working right out of the box. Together with that, there are plenty of possibilities to do in the way that you will have the whole control over the process. Today I will focus on Azure SQL database. […]

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