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Assembly generation failed — Referenced assembly does not have a strong name

By creating programs, very often use various libraries created by others. As long as the code is created for its own, do not look at it as a library used was prepared. The first moment, when he begins to pay attention to it to decide to publish a solution for larger audience. At this point, begin to appear mean security code. The easiest way is to sign the resulting files. And here you may receive the first issue. It seams, that in order to compile the program receive the following message: Assembly generation failed — Referenced assembly ‘Foo’ does not [...]

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Missing Main() method?

When creating an application WPF sometimes you need to write your own methods Main(). When viewing files in the walkthrough you come across files *.xaml and linking them *.xaml.cs and code files *.cs. Unless you need to do something is often not a standard is not necessary, to delve into different types of mechanisms. Such a mechanism could be the start application WPF. Recently I needed to add a custom method Main(). I thought, it will be simple – a new class and the code. Of course I checked earlier, whether this method has not been defined in the files [...]

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Free .NET Reflector

Today I have good news. Yesterday the company announced the Red Gate, partly that it was withdrawing from the charge for the program. NET Reflector. It means, that existing users will be able to download and install version 6.8 which will receive a perpetual license. This version will be released in early May and will be the last freeware version. Since version 7 program will be entirely commercial, where the basic license now costs 35$. […]

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codingtv(); – Unusual way to blog

14 February 2011 launched a project called codingtv();. It is video-blog, the authors – Luke Gasior and Andrew Smith – demonstrate theirs vision of creating the application. The goal is a – authors want to create an application in the form of a simple blog. However, readers can observe the process to date. A novelty in this case is a form of, in which the authors present the progress of their work – video. No, authors abandoned the traditional approach in the form of posts written, and summarize the entries in the form of films. At each such entry is [...]

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Application on two monitors

Currently, you can see more and more people working in offices on two or more monitors. Such work is more convenient and efficient. As a developer I would not be able to change back to one monitor. Therefore I see no contraindications, to write their own applications in a way, for working on multiple monitors. Of course this is not always feasible. […]

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Free tool for testing code coverage – PartCover

In the course of writing the code is already accustomed to this, that you should write tests in parallel. Approaches, when and how to write tests is much. The choice we have too few available test frameworks, but not what I wanted to write. In this article I want to touch on the test code coverage testing. […]

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LINQ is not so bad

Increasingly, the projects begin to use LINQ and begin to see advantages. Not only, that in this way can write some code, and gain some clarity. Below are some examples, which slowly skim through the LINQ. For demonstration purposes, let’s create a class Person, which objects will be represented by a person. […]

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List of installed applications

Sometimes there is a need to find information about what software is installed on your computer. For example, we want to know, if anyone has already installed the program and where it is installed. This knowledge is needed, example, if you add a file to a directory with the program already installed. The simplest example is to write different kinds of plugins. The problem does not occur if the application has been installed in the default directory, we know, but this can no longer guarantee. […]

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