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NDepend v2019.3

Just a few days ago a new version of NDepend v2019.3 had been released. I already describe this tool some time ago (link to article). I mentioned there that it is a great tool that can be a bit complicated to use at the beginning. And probably you are thinking about why that kind of post is being published on my blog. This is not an advert of this tool!!! […]

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dynamic – Code review

With each new version of .net framework Microsoft tries to add some new elements to the language, which in theory should improve the possibilities of language and comfort of the software developer. In .net 4.0 new keyword – [mark]dynamic[/mark] – has been introduced. This type enables the operations that will be resolved at run time. It means that we can use any name with dynamic object and compiler will not show any error during compilation – even if there is no method with used signature. The error will occur when the running application will not find used method. [...]

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