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Serverless Azure – Environment preparation

Progressive .NET 2017 conference is almost there. During the conference I will be conducting workshop regarding Serverless Azure.

You should prepare your computers to be able to gain as much knowledge as it is possible from workshop.

Please install or organise the following elements:

Unfortunately, without those tools it will be hard for you to take part in this workshop.

Serverless Azure – Progressive .NET 2017

I would like to invite you to my new workshop – Serverless Azure. First of them will be conducted during Progressive .NET 2017 conference. It will took place in London on 14th September 2017.

During 3.5 hours of workshops you will learn how to use Azure platform to build serverless applications. Through different examples, you will explore on Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. You will discover how easy it is to build and integrate your applications. Finally, you will learn how to build, deploy, manage and monitor your application. Together with examples, I will point out main pros and cons of used platform. This talk will help you in deciding whether you should use serverless approach.

With this approach building scalable and secure applications has become easier. Developers can finally focus on solution creation and express creativity in providing new features.

I am writing good code – InfoMEET Katowice 2017

On this Saturday (20.05) you will be able to listen to me on  InfoMEET Katowice 2017. Subject of my presentation is I am writing good code – how you should protect code quality in your project? During presentation I will explain what software quality means and show you how you can easily increase its level. But this is not all. I will focus on practical part and I will show you how tools can help us with taking care of our code. We will learn how you should do it in effective way. So you could gain the biggest benefit with the smallest cost.

You are welcome!

.net DD 2016 – materials

Since few weeks ago it is possible to watch sessions from .NET DeveloperDays 2016 on YouTube channel. I think that the best speaker of that conference edition was Ted Neward. I recommend his closing keynote session. It was really great. It is hard to say that this session was technical one. I would rather say that it was more philosophical. During it Ted showed importance of context in scope of taking correct decisions. He provided a lot examples that showed difficultness of taking this one correct solution / decision. It is hard to describe it. I recommend you to watch it.

.NET DeveloperDays 2016

Last week I took part in .NET DeveloperDays 2016. Unfortunate I didn’t manage to attend to workshops and I took part only in conference. I wondered how I could summarize this event. I decided that this time I will not describe presentations but I will focus on main reason why I attended to such event. Few years ago this main reason would be presentations. Right now I went there to meet people. And presentations are something like a bonus to networking.

In this sense conference was very successful. You could find a lot of space where you could talk to each other. Even when I stood in middle of area / path I felt quite comfortable. It is because hall was very big. In this area 3 conference rooms have been prepared. In other area you could find places with coffee machines, cookies, fruits and also XBoxes. There was only a bit crowdy during lunch breaks – then in the hall you could found long queues of hungry software developers. Read more

.NET DeveloperDays – Last days of a normal price

Everybody that didn’t decided to take part in conference .NET DeveloperDays should make their mind quickly. Only few days left when price is still normal. From October 1st price will be higher about 200 PLN. This is not only the problem. The other one is availability of tickets for workshop. Probably only few are left.

There are four workshops available:

  • Dino Esposito – Modern web development with the ASP.NET MVC stack
  • Ted Neward – Busy .NET developer’s workshop on the CLR
  • Adam Granicz – Functional programming on .NET with F# – become a programming Jedi now!
  • Daniel Fisher – Resilience and cloud patterns TOGO: build useful stuff in JS and C#

From my perspective I would go to Dino Esposito or Ted Neward workshops. In case of Dino I would like to see one of masters’. But I am afraid that it will be not a workshop but rather few hours lecture. And Ted workshop looks interesting.