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Secure your code

Software piracy has become the scourge of our times. We are downloading from Internet everything: – music,- books,- movies,- software. The worst is that the Polish society accepts that behaviour. A few years ago, the normal situation was to install illegal OS by computer shops when you purchase PC. Due to larger number of controls that behaviour has been stop. There was too much to lose by shops. Right now similar situation is with mobile applications. Sometimes I am surprised that people can spend over than an hour to find somewhere app that cost 1 euro. What is more strange, [...]

Free .NET Reflector

Today I have good news. Yesterday the company announced the Red Gate, partly that it was withdrawing from the charge for the program. NET Reflector. It means, that existing users will be able to download and install version 6.8 which will receive a perpetual license. This version will be released in early May and will be the last freeware version. Since version 7 program will be entirely commercial, where the basic license now costs 35$. […]

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