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Oh that recursion…

Some time ago I lost two days for finding trivial bug. It was done completely unconsciously. Anyway, as most of other bugs. Application started to behave quite strange – after launching, it crashed immediately. Probably you will ask yourself what it is unusual. I have started standard procedure – run application with connected a debugger. But debugger was useless. Application crashed without any notification disconnecting the debugger. I have not got any single clue that will help me to solve this riddle. […]

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Safe way of Windows Phone Tasks handling

Have you ever wondered how you should use Windows Phone 7 Tasks correctly? When you look through the examples on MSDN, in most cases you will find following structure: Task task = new Task(); try { task.PropertyA = “A”; task.PropertyB = “B”; task.PropertyC = “C”; task.Show(); } catch (System.InvalidOperationException ex) { MessageBox.Show(“An error occurred.”); } […]

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Debugging Visual Studio

Today I will try to describe the technique used rarely to find bugs. It involves the use of second instance Visual Studio to find errors in the first. Looking at the last sentence, you can begin to think about how to look for errors in Visual Studio can help you find bugs in our program. It should be realized, that really Visual Studio incorporates our code. And our goal is to trace the activities of this code. […]

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