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I thought a lot how to start this post. Then I had a problem with it title. Finally I decided to use one simple word – Passiveness. This is character trait that scary me the most. We think that IT industry will consume any number of specialist but this is not true. There are some people that would like to change something in their life – job, project, … but… They are not able to do that. They stick in the same company or project. And they are doing nothing to change that.

You can try to ask them – why? And it is quite common that they will indicate a lot of reasons that are blocking them from that change. I can give you a lot of examples. Let’s start from a man than on interview said that his development had been block by his company. Then other person that has stuck in the same project with the same technology for over 10 years. That person was an expert in that project but totally not attractive from market perspective. And maybe last example. Somebody who has longer break from software development. Read more

Is it now time for a change?

Career is a great topic for different kind of guides. Let’s be serious. I wonder how often are you thinking about it? Do you have plan for it or maybe do you have defined some milestones? And finally do you monitor your career?

This topic can be seen as trivial. I have a job which I am happy with. Moreover my position is set there and I am in my comfort zone. First problems occur in situation when you are trying to change your job. It will be more dramatic in each situation when you will be forced to do that. Unfortunately, it is quite common to meet people that are very good in topics strictly tight to their projects during recruitment meetings. Unfortunately, they forget that our reality it is moving forward. And it is moving very fast. Please just look at the last century. Read more