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WPF hybrid application with parameters

Hmmmmm…… What is a hybrid application WPF? I tried to find some other term for this problem, but unfortunately it seems to be most relevant. Concept of a hybrid application WPF I will call the application, that works and presents the results in the console, as well as in its own window. Additionally, the application should support passing parameters during the boot. […]

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Missing Main() method?

When creating an application WPF sometimes you need to write your own methods Main(). When viewing files in the walkthrough you come across files *.xaml and linking them *.xaml.cs and code files *.cs. Unless you need to do something is often not a standard is not necessary, to delve into different types of mechanisms. Such a mechanism could be the start application WPF. Recently I needed to add a custom method Main(). I thought, it will be simple – a new class and the code. Of course I checked earlier, whether this method has not been defined in the files [...]

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