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New things in Windows Phone 8

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone. Those of you, who expected revolutionary information, may feel slightly disappointed. Microsoft has confirmed only all information that has been already published on the Internet as rumours. The key message was presented at the end of conference – Windows Phone 7 devices will not receive a full update to Windows Phone 8. There will be only update to something what is called Windows Phone 7.8. This version should look and behave like Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately this will not be full version of Windows Phone 8. I also wonder how that [...]

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Windows Phone 8 premiere

Today another Microsoft product will have premiere. During the conference, Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, Windows Phone 8 will be unveiled. I hope it will finally dispel any doubts about updates already available phones with Windows Phone 7.5 to the latest version. The conference will begin at 18.00 Polish time. Everybody will be able to follow it live on Channel 9.

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Microsoft Surface

The week of premiers has begun. Microsoft unveiled two products from Surface family. These products are two tablets running under control of Windows 8 system. I encourage you to familiarize with the recording of the event. It contains more details about mentioned products. It seems to me that this is the first product of Microsoft that can compete with Apple products. What do you think? […]

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Windows Phone will beat Google in 2013 year

According to a forecast prepared by Stela Bokun with Pyramid Research year 2013 to be a breakthrough for mobile system Windows Phone. This is the first time the system Microsoft Windows Phone to beat the system Google Android in terms of market share. Both the phones with the system BlackBerry OS and Apple iOS according to forecasts, will remain far behind the two leading players. […]

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