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Improving WP7 application start-up

Windows Phone application must pass certification criteria. You can find two of them that are strictly connected with application start-up time: [list icon=”check”] the application should show first screen of application in less than 5 seconds. Of course this can be splash screen, the application should respond to user actions no later than 20 seconds after launching. [/list] You might wonder if this is a lot. From my point of view it is very difficult to overcome these two limitations. However, if we look at application from user’s perspective, waiting 20 seconds for start of application can be terribly annoying. [...]

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Lock-Free Thread Synchronization with Richter

August 15, 2012 Jeffrey Richter will lead a free webcast entitled “Lock-Free Thread Sychronization”. During the presentation Jeffrey Richter will be demonstrating issues associated with data sharing between threads. To participate in the presentation you must register on the organizer website. You can find there additional information about this event.

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StringFormat, XAML and Windows Phone

Daily work with the platform Windows Phone brings many surprises. Very often you can meet with the situation, that many things are unspoken in the documentation and the programmer must by himself discover how something works. Update Mango for Windows Phone introduced a new version of Silverlight for platform. This update has added the ability to use StringFormat the data binding in a file XAML. Using this additional option is very simple: <TextBox Text="{Binding Path=Value, StringFormat=Currency: {0:c}}"/> After this line you should see the number formatted as a currency. The result when you run this code do not fully [...]

lock (this) – For and against

Recently reviewing the code I have found the following construction: lock (this) { // Do something } To synchronize access to shared resource object is used, in which this construction occur. Theoretically, this code is correct. What more, there was no problem with deadlock in the program. […]

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