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How do benchmark quantum computing solutions?

I hear this type of question often when I am talking about quantum computing. It is fascinating because the approach to the answer is not apparent. In most cases, it depends on the customer’s situation — its challenges, needs and goals. The same question can be heard during conferences. There are some tries of providing the results during sessions. I saw many times comparison to the classical approach. The tricky part was that in the discussion came out that it was a brute-force approach. It is not something you would like to see because this is not a state-of-art approach [...]

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Chrome 116 and the Kyber Connection: A New Era of Quantum-Safe Browsing

In mid-August, something fascinating unfolded with Chrome, and it's something most of us probably overlook - the application change log, especially when it's related to a web browser like Chrome. With the installation of Chrome 116 on your machine, you'll now be tapping into the world of quantum technology 🧩, specifically quantum-resistant cryptography. Google is steadfastly advancing its strategy to protect data against potential attacks by quantum computers. Version 116 has added support for X25519Kyber768, a mechanism that establishes symmetric secrets. It's a hybrid blend of X25519, a widely-used elliptic curve algorithm in TLS today, and Kyber-768, a quantum-resistant Key [...]

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Building energy security with quantum computing

The year 2022 was very challenging for the global energy market. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its long-term consequences affected households, businesses and entire economies. Everyone can see and feel the rising costs of electricity generation and fuel. The German electricity grid, where Russian gas flow has stopped, is a great example of a strongly affected area. New, more eco-friendly ways of producing energy and heat, along with the faster adoption of electric vehicles, caused the risk of power grid overload and local power cuts. The mentioned situation happened in southern Germany this month. Similar problems might soon occur in [...]

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