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Assembly generation failed — Referenced assembly does not have a strong name

By creating programs, very often use various libraries created by others. As long as the code is created for its own, do not look at it as a library used was prepared. The first moment, when he begins to pay attention to it to decide to publish a solution for larger audience. At this point, begin to appear mean security code. The easiest way is to sign the resulting files. And here you may receive the first issue. It seams, that in order to compile the program receive the following message: Assembly generation failed — Referenced assembly ‘Foo’ does not [...]

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Signing XML documents

By creating different types of programs, sometimes there is a problem to ensure the authenticity of the file. This situation occurs, when these files are very important data, change which could lead to generate different types of losses. Such files can be license files, containing financial data, and medical data, etc. This problem can be solved very easily using XML files. Just, sign that the XML file and check the signature before re-use file. If it is correct then we will have confidence, that the file has not been any unauthorized modifications. In the event of any change, signature of [...]

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