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T9 Keyboard

T9 Keyboard 1.4

In the next few days new update for T9 Keyboard will be available. The most important update is improvement in prediction algorithm. Current implementation works 30% faster than previous one. Moreover user is able to decide how result should be presented – user can prioritize words with the same length as entered text.

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T9 Keyboard 1.1

In next few days new version of application will be available in Windows Phone Store. Below you can find the important changes: - 3 new languages (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian),- add unknown number as a recipient,- removal of national characters from message,- more ergonomic space button,- possibility to copy entered message,- improved algorithm.

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T9 Keyboard 1.0

Since last Thursday there is a possibility to download my new program - T9 Keyboard. This application bring back to Windows Phone feature that enables you to compose messages by using T9 dictionary. For each of [mark]28th supported languages[/mark] there have been prepared list of [mark]50000 the most used words[/mark]. From those words you are able to create messages. Of course each time you are able to add new words to the dictionary. For more information please visit portfolio page.

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