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Sometimes you need to have a bit luck to achieve a success. We can speak about such luck in case of Sphero. A company that is known from production of small robot toys that you are able to control by mobile phone. But before September 8th 2015 probably only technology geeks knew this company. And it was also hard to say that this company achieved success – they managed to sold about 500 000 robots in 4 years. Such kind of luck for Sphero was new episode of Star Wars. In new episode a new robot BB-8 has been introduced. And [...]

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Unusual way of controlling the application

It seems that we have seen already all ways of controlling our application. But sometimes you can find new approach for already known issues. As an example we should look at innovative way of controlling application used in Sax app. This is next application that is simulating some musical instrument. It this case it is a saxophone. But in this case you use the whole phone to control the application. As it is in other apps you need to tap the screen to get some sounds. The new thing is adding gyroscope to this process. Each change of the position of [...]

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Poland – come and complain

In Internet you can find new campaign that promotes Poland and Polish culture in a rather unusual way. The campaign tries to promote Poland by showing ironic movies that base on stereotype that Poles constantly complains. Movies are made professionally and caused smile on my face. But on the other hand I wonder, whether foreign tourists will be able to understand the joke.

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Interview with Nikola Mihaylov

This time I want to encourage you to watch video from Channel9. It is an interview with Nikola Mihaylov – the software developer of the Fantasia Painter. It is one of the best image editor available for Windows Phone. Like me, Nikola has a slight obsession with an application performance. During 24 minutes talk, we can find a lot of tips how to create high performance application on the Windows Phone platform.

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New things in Windows Phone 8

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone. Those of you, who expected revolutionary information, may feel slightly disappointed. Microsoft has confirmed only all information that has been already published on the Internet as rumours. The key message was presented at the end of conference – Windows Phone 7 devices will not receive a full update to Windows Phone 8. There will be only update to something what is called Windows Phone 7.8. This version should look and behave like Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately this will not be full version of Windows Phone 8. I also wonder how that [...]

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Microsoft Surface

The week of premiers has begun. Microsoft unveiled two products from Surface family. These products are two tablets running under control of Windows 8 system. I encourage you to familiarize with the recording of the event. It contains more details about mentioned products. It seems to me that this is the first product of Microsoft that can compete with Apple products. What do you think? […]

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Most important is the idea…

I think that everyone who develop and share its software do this to achieve profits in long term. For one person satisfaction can be a profit. Somebody else wants to earn some money. In the case of Windows Phone developer can earn money by selling its application or publish ads. Both ways are extremely simple to implement. The only one problem is to find great number of people who will use our application. After looking at the analysis of application on Windows Phone Marketplace, we can discover that list of people who have succeed is very short. Moreover, we cannot [...]

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How to create Metro style applications?

Today, there will be not much text. I want to invite you to familiarize yourself with the presentation "Developing Applications Using Microsoft's Metro for Windows Phone”. The author discusses how to create compatible applications with Metro UI for platform Windows Phone 7. I hope, that you will not regret the hours spent to the presentation.

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