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NDepend – short review

Sometime ago I have been asked by Patrick Smacchia to write short review of his tool – NDepend. I believe that most of you know this tool. It is a swiss army knife in scope of code analysis. Capacity of this tool is enormous. I wanted to fulfil this request in a professional way. So, I needed to learn how to use this tool before writing any word regarding it. And it was not so easy task. This tool has so many features and possibilities of customisation… After two months of using it I can say that still I am [...]

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Copy / Paste with Visual Studio vs. dark theme

Many people are customizing their Visual Studio. It is very easy and you can change almost everything. This is one of the first action that I am doing after reinstallation of Visual Studio. The other actions are: installation of Visual Studio updates and add-ins and also updating themes. Right now I would like to focus at themes. In my case I have changed my attitude to themes few times. When I started my adventure with Visual Studio I have used default theme. After a while I have changed it to dark one. And finally I have done my own – [...]

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Free Microsoft certification exams

Few days ago Microsoft has published promotional codes for Visual Studio 2012 exams. By using those codes you are able to take an exam for free. Of course these are beta exams. But it does not change the fact, that when you pass it you will get normal certificate. You can chose from following exams: [list icon="check"] 481: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, 482: Advanced Metro style App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript, 483: Programming in C#, 484: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using C#, 485: Advanced Metro style App Development using [...]

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Debugging Visual Studio

Today I will try to describe the technique used rarely to find bugs. It involves the use of second instance Visual Studio to find errors in the first. Looking at the last sentence, you can begin to think about how to look for errors in Visual Studio can help you find bugs in our program. It should be realized, that really Visual Studio incorporates our code. And our goal is to trace the activities of this code. […]

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Customize search results in Visual Studio

Visual Studio has a lot of options, that allow you to customize the tools to individual user needs. Thanks to this, your daily work are becoming more enjoyable and more effective. Unfortunately, if you want to change the way of search result presentation you will encounter the problem. The Visual Studio settings do not contain such option, which would allow to change it. I wonder how many people is annoyed by the standard layout of search results window. […]

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Recently I discovered a new function to define your own code templates. This functionality is very often used by programmers, but can work wonders. In writing a business application always comes a time, that you need to write code to write data to the database, as well as their reading. In this case, 90% code is the same. First, read the column number, which stores data in such. SQLDataReader. And then we build on the basis of data objects. When reading data from the database should be programmed as the situation where there is a null. And this usually works [...]

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