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Windows Phone

DVLUP vs. CodeGuru.pl competition

From the early beginning Microsoft is trying to attract developers to create applications on devices with Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating system. In Poland Microsoft organised trainings regarding those platforms, sold a bit cheaper devices for developers and organised few competitions together with CodeGuru.pl. I have managed to won my first Windows Phone device and XBox in one of that competitions. But from my point something has been missed if I compare Poland to other countries. For example in USA, Canada or Australia developer need to write only 2 applications and can get free device from Microsoft. Sometimes he [...]

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Keyboard shortcuts in WP8 emulator

Below you can find the list of keyboard’s shortcuts that can be used in Windows Phone 8 emulator: - F12 (first press) – turns off and locks the display,- F12 (second press) – shows lock screen,- Page Down – enables to use keyboard connected to PC in emulator,- Page Up – disables to use keyboard connected to PC in emulator,- F1 – simulates pressing Back button,- F2 – simulates pressing Start button,- F3 – simulates pressing Search button.

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Dev Center for 19$

Once again Microsoft is trying to attract developers to its platform by reducing original price for developer account to 19$. This promotion will be valid till 27th August 2013. I encourage people who would like to start developing applications for Windows Phone platform to consider using this promotion. This price is also attractive for developers whose account is almost expired. More details can be found at Dev Center web page.

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Useful value converters

Value converters – small pieces of code that are very useful in case of binding some values in XAML. Without them some types of bindings in XALM would not be so easy. We use them in Windows Phone, Silverlight or WPF projects. In most cases for each new project I copy the most important converters to solution. For me the most important are: [list] string / Uri to BitmapImage bool to Visibility Color to SolidColorBrush String + StringFormat [/list] Please click more to see implementation of the following converters. […]

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Telerik – a few words about controls

I think that everybody knows the Telerik company – the provider of controls packs for different platforms. Beside of controls, the company also have some additional tools that can help developers in their daily work. But let finish talking about company. This entry should be written and published a long time ago, but always there were other more important issues. Right now I have two products of Telerik – [mark]Windows Phone[/mark] and [mark]Windows 8[/mark] controls packs. I will be honest I still haven’t used the controls for Windows 8. But their time will come in the future. [...]

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4Developers conference materials

Below you can find links to materials from 4Developers conference: , , . In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kursy Walut nominated for application of the year

Kursy Walut has been nominated for application of the year at Appaward.pl. If you are satisfied with work of that application please vote on it. Voting takes place on the Appaward.pl website. Please note that you only need to enter the site. Then you need to press Zaloguj się aby móc głosować button and vote.

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The saved-state file … is corrupted

Sooner or later every one of us will get error as follows on the Windows Phone emulator: [box color=”blue” icon=”busy” size=”big”]Error: The saved-state file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\XDE\{7F63A4C3-95DE-4DF2-91A9-AEC63BBDD089}.dess is corrupt. Please delete the corrupted saved state file and then retry.[/box] The message will be almost the same. The only difference will be GUID. As you can see error is quite easy to solve because there is description what user should do. As soon as we remove files with the same GUID from provided directory, Windows Phone emulator will start. But… […]

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Oh that recursion…

Some time ago I lost two days for finding trivial bug. It was done completely unconsciously. Anyway, as most of other bugs. Application started to behave quite strange – after launching, it crashed immediately. Probably you will ask yourself what it is unusual. I have started standard procedure – run application with connected a debugger. But debugger was useless. Application crashed without any notification disconnecting the debugger. I have not got any single clue that will help me to solve this riddle. […]

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